Are you thinking of becoming a social worker

A strong desire to help others
–Emotionally mature
–Sensitive to other peoples feelings/thoughts
–Accepting of all races, religions, ages, problems, etc.

What others say:
–“Social workers need to have the ability to be empathetic with others; to be able to understand the other person’s feelings. This is not to say that one must feel as the other person feels. That is sympathy. Empathy is an understanding of another’s feelings.”
–“An important quality that a social worker must possess is a non-judgmental attitude. While social workers are not expected to agree with or approve of the values and behaviors of other people, it is imperative that social workers communicate a non-judgmental attitude toward others.”
–“Social workers must be able to respect a client’s right to privacy. By respecting a person’s privacy, the social worker affirms that person’s worth and dignity.”
–“Social workers frequently make decisions that are considered to be ethical dilemmas” [so you need to be able to handle this difficult dilemmas without having an emotional breakdown]
–“Good communication and listening skills are needed by social workers. If you have good interpersonal skills you are in a position to further develop those skills for social work practice. You will add skills such as confrontation, support, limit setting, self-disclosure and others to your interviewing skills.”
–“Good interpersonal skills make it easier for people to work cooperatively with others. In social work there are many opportunities for you to work with other professionals on interdisciplinary teams using a team approach.”
–“Individuals pursuing a social work career need to possess: a desire to make a difference in the lives of others; a concern for people; good interpersonal communication skills; an ability to relate to others empathically; an ability to approach others non-judgmentally; an appreciation for human diversity; a willingness to work collaboratively with clients, colleagues, and other professionals; an ability to problem solve; a willingness to make challenging decisions; a commitment to social justice; a respect for the privacy of others; personal integrity”


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