KAPEDO / SUGUTA peace Accord


PEACE ACCORD – An official agreement to come to peace or end conflict.

PEACE TREATY – Is an agreement between two or more hostile parties, usually counties, countries or governments which formally ends a state of war between the parties.

Turkana East Constituents are peace loving people. They will always support any form and means that is aimed to ensure a sustained peaceful co-existence between them and their neighbors.

A peaceful co-existence will ensure that everyone will have a chance to freely interact, meet their basic needs and attend to their respect activities of daily living with ease.
I believe LOKIRIAMA PEACE ACCORD meeting or event that is done annually is not in discord with the above. People in Lokiriama also require peace to leave with their neighbors just like other Turkanas in Kibish, Todonyang, Lorokon, Oropoi, and Kapedo. What is trading in the social media for Kapedo Peace Accord demand should not be taken like a sign of rebellion to the initiative but should be understood that every area is a priority when it comes to peace initiatives.

As for Kapedo and its environs, it’s overdue to have it included in these initiatives. All of us including both levels of governments arms and other actors have it in record on what is happening to the people of Kapedo. This in itself should have made us to put Kapedo insecurity issues a priority and be included in any form of peace accord initiatives. When we are left out remembering on our bleeding experiences, with the recent painful loss of young lives, that should have informed us the reason to change our thinking as we plan for this year’s peace accords.

For many many years, unlike other regions, the Suguta Corridor has suffered a lot. The loss and suffering of the few remnants has been contributed by loss of livestock which is their main source of livelihoods.

Currently, we have 90% orphaned children and single headed families from this long conflict between us and our Kenyan neighbors. I am sure through these peace accord initiatives something can be done by all stakeholders. The available resources can be directed to conducting peace meetings, resettlement of internally displaced families back to their Main ancestral and source of livelihoods centers of Kapetakinei, Nadome, Lokumeangomo, Moruangikokolak and Lomelo environs, restocking and support any form of resilience even for a period of one or two consecutive years. This can be supported by another Tobongu Lore events and this case “Tobongo Nakide or “Atobongo Suguta”. This will allow everyone participation and contribution to securing our lost land.

LOKIRIAMA PEACE ACCORD should continue alongside the Kapedo/Suguta one. This is simply what Kapedo people are saying lest nobody should give a negative impression to us. That if this initiative is workable, then let’s us also adopt it along the Suguta corridor. We need these meetings and events like yesterday. Honestly speaking, community of Turkana East,especially people living in Kapedo are missing or not enjoying all these events because of the fact that they have been lack locked and put hostage in their own land by their own country men. Something must be done now. Every elected and non elected leader has a chance to do something to save Kapedo and make people and their property safe.

Lastly, I support the prayer meeting organized by our dear brethren and our friends from Kapedo/Napeitom areas. This meeting will be our day to pray for peace and remember those who have been made destitute and vulnerable due to this animosity from our neighbors and fellow Kenyans from the watch of our leadership and governments.
Concerns from your brother Hon Robert Kamaro Lochuch
Turkana East

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